Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Princess and the Pea(nut Butter).

The basement Rec room is nearing completion.
Many have asked (and in truth, we have often revisited the conundrum ourselves)
"why exactly would a pair of empty nesters in a cavernous space think to add more square footage of surface to dust and vacuum?"
Indeed, this is a fair question.
There is a well-considered, long-winded answer and then ---
there is the more obvious and simple one rendered by photo:
 A sleepover exclusive to the junior grand-daughters.
A boom box still under grandmarmie's control :)
 A growing stock of Value Village dress-up clothes.
 The pseudo glass slippers.
And there you have it.
Our unapologetic 'do it again in a heartbeat' reason for the thing.
... and SO much fun!


  1. Sarah Dekker and Susanne Hutten like this.

    Oh Joanne! You are the greatest grandmother - I would love to be a kid again and have you as my Oma!
    Susanne Hutten

    LOL! Gramps here opts for 'craziest'. My own favourite Oma was full of laughter and indulged every moment of her grandchildren's company. The notion of falling in line with her gives me a great deal of pleasure! :)

  2. She's a pretty great grandma, at least that's what my kids tell me :)
    Sarah N. VanPopta


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